What is SMAC!

SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer has come to life! SMAC! is a gang of philanthropic monkeys that provides tangible support to those battling cancer – reminding them that no one fights it alone.

NoMo is ring leader of SMAC! and he and his SMAC! buddy, Phoenix, will soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! it.

Not only did we reach our tipping point estimated budget goal during the crowdfunding campaign, we hit our TOTAL estimated goal of $35,000. This means we can get MORE SMAC! monkeys out to MORE people to help them SMAC! that dang cancer.

Funds pledged to my SMAC! campaign on the Start Some Good crowdfunding platform were used to launch my startup – the SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer product line, which so far includes two SMAC! monkey prototypes: