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SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer Partners with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Program

NoMo the SMAC! monkey is ready to help SMAC! blood cancers with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team in Training Program (TNT)  in the Palm Beach area, Southern Florida and Puerto Rico chapters.

Team in Training is the largest endurance sports training program in the world for charity. Thousands of runners, walkers, cyclists hikers, and triathletes will participate in the world’s major marathons, half marathons, centuries, hiking adventures and triathlons this year, raising  funds to discover new treatments for blood cancers.


“Team In Training is ecstatic to be partnering with SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer,” says campaign director Melissa Mulvihill. ” We truly believe in SMAC!’s goal to provide a companion for every person going through a cancer diagnosis. TNT participants can purchase NoMo to bring them some SMAC! monkey mojo during their training, as a memento of their hard work and achievement or to give to someone with a blood cancer. In addition, a percentage of each TNT branded NoMo purchased will go to LLS to further our mission,” says Mulvihill.


“What LLS accomplishes through TNT is beyond inspiring and an incredible example of grass roots efforts to create change for this disease at its finest,” says Jennifer Windrum, founder of SMAC! We are beyond honored to have NoMo help blast blood cancers with TNT.”

TNT chapter participants have to act fast, as there is a limited supply of this special cancer-crushing monkey. September 30 is the last day to order.  NoMo is decked out in purple and ready to take action. Get him here!

More about LLS:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. The LLS mission: cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services.


SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer Named a Semifinalist in the Big C Competition


SMAC! has fantastic news to share!

SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer was selected as one of 168 semifinalists (out of 750+ entries) to move on to the second phase of the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s inaugural Big C competition, aiming to change the way the world lives with cancer. SMAC! is a global movement in the fight against cancer that arms those with cancer with true “creature comforts” – reminding them no one fights it alone. SMAC! will now compete for one of 20 spots in the contest’s next round, the venture accelerator program.

“All 168 entries have the potential to be game changers in improving the lives of people affected by cancer now,” said Heather Wajer, VP of marketing at the LIVESTRONG Foundation. “We’re so thrilled with the quality of the entries and are lucky to have so many entrepreneurs interested in helping cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.”


The 168 remaining entries represent possible solutions to the biggest challenges people affected by cancer face following a diagnosis, according to LIVESTRONG Foundation research. Of the remaining ventures, 20 will move on to the venture accelerator phase from July 14-Sept. 15, where contestants will be paired with cancer survivors and business mentors to turn their ideas into action.

On Sept. 29, five finalists will be announced and flown to Austin, Texas, to present their innovations during the Ride for the Roses weekend, where the grand prize winner will be selected. Sixty ventures will receive a total of $140,000 in seed funding, based on their innovation’s utility, ingenuity and benefits to cancer patients and survivors. The grand prize winner will receive $25,000.

Please wish us luck as we continue the competition. As always THANK YOU for your support of SMAC!.

Need a SMAC! monkey for yourself or someone else? Ordering is super-duper easy right here.

Help Cancer Patients SMAC! It. Truckloads of SMAC! Monkeys Ready for Adoption.

Truckloads of SMAC! monkeys hit my garage TODAY! It’s 15 to 30 degrees below…windchill, so I need to get these guys into the warm arms of those with cancer so they can SMAC! it. The SMAC! monkeys are providing love and comfort to those with/impacted by cancer around the world.

Facebook Cover

So, join the SMAC! movement and GIVE a true “creature comfort” to someone who can really use it.

Ordering is easy peasy at

Video: Founder of SMAC!, Jennifer Windrum

Give a SMAC! Monkey! Let’s SMAC! #LungCancer During Lung Cancer Awareness Month…and Beyond.

SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer and WTF? Where’s the Funding for Lung Cancer are teaming up with the LUNGevity Foundation for the SMAC! Monkey Angel Matching Program during the month of November – Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Who Wants a Phoenix SMAC! Monkey- (3) The SMAC! Monkey Angel Matching Program is aiming to put Phoenix, the lung cancer fighting SMAC! monkey, into the arms of 69 people with/impacted by lung cancer. Leslie Lehrman, the inspiration behind the creation SMAC!, died from lung cancer at the age of 69 last December. SMAC! is doing this campaign in her honor.

SMAC! monkeys are true “creature comforts” for those with/impacted by cancer…reminding them no one fights it alone. Phoenix has a big  job to do, as lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths and the least funded. In fact, about 60% of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or are former smokers. ANYONE can get lung cancer.


So, what does it means to be a SMAC! Angel?  It’s all about GIVING!

A SMAC! Angel purchases and sends a Phoenix to someone in need. Here at SMAC! we are gathering the names of those who have requested a Phoenix and those who want to be a SMAC! Angel.

At the end of November, the names of all who requested a Phoenix will be randomly drawn. Then we will match the Angels with those selected and hopefully fulfill all 69 requests. We can do it! Not only will Angels bring much love and comfort to those in the midst of their journeys, but also contribute to lung cancer research.

How do you get on the lists? Easy. Simply let us know in the comments below this blog post, or on the SMAC! Facebook page. Tell us a little bit about yourself  and why you would like a Phoenix or to be a SMAC! Angel…or both!

LC collagewithtext

Through the SMAC! Monkey Angel Matching Program, 10% of the proceeds will benefit lung cancer research through the LUNGevity Foundation, the largest private funder of lung cancer research. SMAC! will direct additional proceeds to lung cancer research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, as well as NCONN, the National Coalition of Nurse Navigators.

Little Phoenix is holding a global SMAC!-down on lung cancer. Let’s continue the movement and give a SMAC!


SMAC! Monkeys SMAC!-ing #Cancer Across the Globe. Join the Movement.

The smiles infectious. The determination palpable. The comfort evident. The playfulness abundant. The wait over. SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer are making their way around the world, lovingly landing in the arms of  those with/impacted by cancer. These pictures, and the stories behind them, are beyond priceless.

SMAC! Monkeys at Work.

SMAC! Monkeys at Work.

Due to YOUR generosity and commitment to SMAC!-ing cancer, SMAC! is now a social enterprise in action– a startup focused on creating social change in the world of cancer by encouraging giving to those impacted by cancer, providing tangible sock monkey love & comfort and directing dollars to cancer research and programs.

The movement has begun and is growing every day. But, we’re just getting started. So, spread the word and join in by ordering your SMAC! monkey today. We ALL know someone either with cancer or someone whose world has been altered because of it. Give a SMAC! 

SMAC! Monkey Packaging Party 

In July, we packaged more than 230 SMAC! monkeys in my garage. When I put out the initial call for help, the awesome girls at Jobs Daughters Bethel #1 of Papillion, Nebraska  jumped at the chance. They were incredible and I can’t thank them enough. My Mom, Leslie Lehrman, the inspiration behind the creation of SMAC!, was definitely there in spirit.

We did also land some nice local TV news coverage of our packaging party. Here’s are links to KETV’s Channel 7’s story and Action 3 News’ story if you’d like to check them out.

SMAC! Garage Packaging Party.

SMAC! Garage Packaging Party.

SMAC! Monkeys to Invade Nebraska Medical Center

I cannot wait. This Friday, August 23, at 10:30 am, I get the extreme honor of delivering more than 400 SMAC! monkeys to cancer patients at the Nebraska Medical Center. During the crowdfunding campaign to bring the SMAC! line to life, those who pledged online had the option to keep their monkey(s) or give it/them to a cancer patient. Obviously, LOTS of people chose to GIVE, which is what SMAC! is all about.

400+ SMAC! Monkeys Going to Nebraska Medical Center.

400+ SMAC! Monkeys Going to Nebraska Medical Center.

I wanted to give people a flavor of SMAC!’s One SMAC!=Two business model – when someone buys a SMAC! monkey, another one is given to someone with cancer. So, I am beyond grateful to Nebraska Medical Center for allowing me to deliver the campaign’s 431 “PLEASE GIVE” designated SMAC! monkeys to its patients. What a gift…in too many ways to count.

I will be livestreaming the event, meaning you can watch it live on your computer as it happens. Just click this link and you should be good to go. No worries if you can’t tune in that morning. I will post the video soon afterward on the SMAC! Facebook page and you can watch at your convenience.

SMAC! Power.

SMAC! Power.

Crowdfunding Campaign Rewards

While many of the crowdfunding campaign rewards have been delivered, following the Nebraska Medical Center event, there will still be more rewards to come. I want to be sure you are recognized for your support. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Social Media Shout Outs: To see social media shout outs of your pledges, type #SMACfounder in the search area on the “SMAC! in Action” page on the website. (Coming soon for those who opted in.)
  • Website Founder Listings:  To see your name /company as a SMAC! founder go to Campaign Founder Levels. (Coming soon for those who opted in.)
Doug Haslam & NoMo at Pan Mass Challenge.

Doug Haslam & NoMo at Pan Mass Challenge.

Pass the SMAC!

Again, I cannot thank YOU enough for making the SMAC! line a reality.  Now, we need SMAC! monkeys to take over the planet. Be sure to tell your friends the SMAC! monkeys are now available to order. I think everyone impacted by cancer deserves their own special creature comfort, don’t you? Let’s do it.

Once you get/give your SMAC! monkey(s), here are several ways to get your SMAC! on:

  • Share your story:  Simply take a photo of you with your SMAC! monkey (or someone you gave it to) and upload it here. You can be as simple or creative as you want to be. We just want to be sure you are feelin’ the SMAC! love.
  • Newsletter: Sign up for the SMAC! newsletter to keep up with the latest news.

SMAC! on my friends,

Jennifer Windrum









The SMAC! Monkeys Are Here. Time For a SMAC!-down on Cancer.


We're on our way!

We’re on our way!


SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer have officially been “unleashed” and are ready to SMAC! cancer big time.

First of all, thank you for bringing us to life last November through a crowdfunding campaign. We cannot possibly tell you how grateful we are. Second, thank you for your patience. There were many unanticipated delays with the manufacturer that pushed production back, getting us into your hands several months later than we hoped. The good news: SMAC! monkeys NoMo and Phoenix are on their way.


NoMo getting stitched up.

NoMo getting stitched up.

SMAC! Monkeys in the Mail!

One thousand SMAC! monkeys have hit my garage and I will personally be sending them to you or taking them to the Nebraska Medical Center (if you opted to have them sent to a cancer patient(s) ASAP. I will also be holding a press conference at the Med Center (and livestreaming it) to deliver more than 400 SMAC! monkeys to cancer patients. Seriously…how amazing is that? More details to come. THANK YOU for making it happen.


The movement has begun.

The movement has begun.

Monkey Business

Due to your generosity and commitment to SMAC!-ing cancer, SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer is now a social enterprise – a startup business focused on creating social change in the world of cancer by encouraging giving to those impacted by cancer, providing tangible sock monkey love & comfort and directing dollars to cancer research and programs.

Yep, you can now order SMAC! monkeys online.  Look at these incredible crowdfunding campaign stats that got us here:

  • 400 people pledged to the campaign
  • Exceeded total estimated goal of $35,000. You pledged$35,681.
  • Raised over $5,000 within 24 hours – the highest-earning first day in the history of the social crowdfunding site StartSomeGood
Mom snoozing with NoMo & Phoenix.

Mom snoozing with NoMo & Phoenix.

Whether you gave $5 or $1,000 – or anything in between – you brought SMAC! to life. My Mom’s (Leslie Lehrman) legacy is now in action. Mom wanted others with cancer to find the same comfort with the SMAC! monkeys as she did. She passed away on December 5, 2012. However, I was able to tell her on Thanksgiving Day the campaign hit its tipping point and became a reality. She was so very happy.


Survivor Heather Theresa with Phoenix at the LUNGevity Hope Summit.

Survivor Heather Theresa with Phoenix at the LUNGevity Hope Summit.

SMAC! in Action

Once you get your SMAC! monkey(s), here are several ways to get your SMAC! on:

  • Share your story:  Simply take a photo of you with your SMAC! monkey (or someone you gave it to) and upload it here. You can be as simple or creative as you want to be. We just want to be sure you are feelin’ the SMAC! love.
  • Social Media Shout Outs: To see social media shout outs of your pledges, type #SMACfounder in the search area on the “SMAC! in Action” page on the website. (Coming soon for those who opted in.)
  • Website Founder Listings:  To see your name /company as a SMAC! founder go to Campaign Founder Levels. (Coming soon for those who opted in.)


Time for a SMAC!-down

Again, our eternal gratitude to YOU for making this dream a reality. Now, we all need to keep this movement going…and growing. Tell your friends the SMAC! monkeys are now available to order. Everyone out there impacted by cancer deserves  their own special creature comfort. Let’s make it happen!


More thanks than possible,

Jennifer Windrum


SMAC! Monkey Update: Where Are We?

...for bringing us to life!!

…for bringing us to life!!


SMAC! Delivery & New Hair

You did it! You brought SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer to life in November through an awesome crowdfunding campaign and we cannot thank you enough. We are more than ready to get to work, helping those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! it. So, where are we?

During the crowdfunding campaign, we were aiming for a January monkey delivery date. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out with our manufacturer, so we will now be coming to your doorstep in May. Our sincerest apologies for the delay. We (our prototypes) have been getting many make-overs in the meantime, which now also includes new hair for both of us.

The yarn used to make our crazy hair, in the picture above,  is no longer available, so we are literally “hair hunting” as we type this. No worries, though, we will still look cool. More importantly, we just want to get the heck out of dodge and into the arms of those who need some love and comfort. We have LOTS to give.


Please Claim Your SMAC! Rewards


"Claim Your SMAC! Rewards" Email

“Claim Your SMAC! Rewards” Email

Before we can actually knock on your door, if you pledged your financial support via PayPal on the crowdfunding campaign site, StartSomeGood, we need a bit more information from you before we can send you your much-deserved rewards. Many of you have already responded to the emails we have sent your way to claim your campaign rewards. Wahoo! Now, we just need to snag the rest of you.

We know inboxes are crazy (and we hate to add to that craziness), but your generosity has earned you some some incredible stuff and we want to get it to you! So, please be on the look-out for another email with the subject line “Claim Your SMAC! Rewards” soon. In the meantime, if you want to check your inbox for our previous messages, a quick search for “SMAC” should do the trick!


 SMAC! Ink

Look what else your generosity resulted in – this awesome feature on “Crowdfunding Success Stories Include $35,000 for Sock Monkeys and $2,000 for a Dry Composting Toilet.”  Huge thanks to contributor, Devin Thorpe,  for writing it. Be sure to check it out!


 Pre-Order SMAC! Monkeys Now

Pre-Order Your SMAC! Monkeys

In case you didn’t know, you can now pre-order SMAC! monkeys right here (also for delivery in May). We can’t wait to be “unleashed” and help SMAC! cancer EVERYWHERE!! So, spread the word, SMAC!-ers. Again, thank you SO much for bringing us to life. We can never say that enough.

Also, we have lots of news to share and stories on how YOU are helping US make a difference, so be sure to join SMAC! Nation and sign up here for SMAC! updates. 

SMAC! on friends!


NoMo & Phoenix



Pre-Order Your SMAC! Monkeys Now!

Phoenix & NoMo

Phoenix & NoMo

Pre-order your SMAC! Monkeys now. It’s easy as pie. Just click here and go on your merry way! l

SMAC! on friends. SMAC! on!!

SMAC! Crowdfunding Campaign Rewards – Next Steps.

Hello SMAC! Nation. Huge congratulations on a successful crowdfunding campaign to bring SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer to life!! We hit our TOTAL goal of $35k. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are regarding getting your rewards from the crowdfunding campaign….and then…how and when you can order SMAC! monkeys online!!!

Thanks a bazillion!

1). Since the campaign just ended (November 30), all the crowdfunding transactions have now been processed by PayPal. However, due to the lag time between the time you pledged and the time the transactions were actually processed, we’re told there are always some “snags” that take place in that some of the transactions can’t be processed. For example, you may have switched your credit card or didn’t actually have the amount you pledged in your account at the time of processing. The Start Some Good platform has sent emails to those whose transactions didn’t go through and offered guidance on how to “re-pledge.” If you received an email regarding this and can’t, or don’t want to, mess with PayPal, you can write a check (info posted below).

2). You will soon be receiving a THANK YOU email that also includes a form that asks a variety of questions, such as, “Which monkey(s) do you want?” “Do you want to keep or give your monkey(s) to someone with cancer?” After you fill out the forms, we can move forward on distributing the rewards!!

3). While working on rewards distribution, we are also working as quickly as possible to get our ecommerce and fulfillment services up and running so that online orders for the SMAC! monkeys can take place. So, please stay tuned. Coming soon. You can also sign up for SMAC! newsletter updates sent directly to your inbox, too.

Want to write a check to “re-pledge” or still support SMAC!? Here is the address:

Make check out to: Leslie Lehrman SMAC! Memorial Fund

Send check to:
Gothenburg State Bank
P.O. Box 81
Gothenburg, NE 69138
Please add a sticky note: “To be deposited into account # 944041”

Again, THANK YOU! Cancer is in for a major SMAC!-ing.


Pledge NOW to Bring “SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” to Life!

NoMo the SMAC! leader

NoMo the SMAC! leader

NoMo is the ringleader of  “SMAC! – Sock Monkeys Against Cancer”, a gang of monkeys that provides tangible support to those with cancer, reminding them no one fights it alone.

Right now, NoMo is just a prototype.

But, with YOUR help, NoMo and his SMAC! buddy, Phoenix, can soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! it, by pledging your financial support here.

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