SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer has come to life! SMAC! is a gang of philanthropic monkeys that provides tangible support to those battling cancer – reminding them that no one fights it alone.

NoMo is ring leader of SMAC! and he and his SMAC! buddy, Phoenix, will soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! it.

Not only did we reach our tipping point estimated budget goal during the crowdfunding campaign, we hit our TOTAL estimated goal of $35,000. This means we can get MORE SMAC! monkeys out to MORE people to help them SMAC! that dang cancer.

Funds pledged to my SMAC! campaign on the Start Some Good crowdfunding platform were used to launch my startup – the SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer product line, which so far includes two SMAC! monkey prototypes:

SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer and WTF? Where’s the Funding for Lung Cancer are teaming up with the LUNGevity Foundation for the SMAC! Monkey Angel Matching Program during the month of November – Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The SMAC! Monkey Angel Matching Program is aiming to put Phoenix, the lung cancer fighting SMAC! monkey, into the arms of 69 people with/impacted by lung cancer. Leslie Lehrman, the inspiration behind the creation SMAC!, died from lung cancer at the age of 69 last December. SMAC! is doing this campaign in her honor.

SMAC! monkeys are true “creature comforts” for those with/impacted by cancer…reminding them no one fights it alone. Phoenix has a big  job to do, as lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths and the least funded. In fact, about 60% of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or are former smokers. ANYONE can get lung cancer.

A SMAC! Angel purchases and sends a Phoenix to someone in need. Here at SMAC! we are gathering the names of those who have requested a Phoenix and those who want to be a SMAC! Angel.

At the end of November, the names of all who requested a Phoenix will be randomly drawn. Then we will match the Angels with those selected and hopefully fulfill all 69 requests. We can do it! Not only will Angels bring much love and comfort to those in the midst of their journeys, but also contribute to lung cancer research.

How do you get on the lists? Easy. Simply let us know in the comments below this blog post, or on the SMAC! Facebook page. Tell us a little bit about yourself  and why you would like a Phoenix or to be a SMAC! Angel…or both!

NoMo is the ringleader of  “SMAC! – Sock Monkeys Against Cancer”, a gang of monkeys that provides tangible support to those with cancer, reminding them no one fights it alone.

Right now, NoMo is just a prototype.

But, with YOUR help, NoMo and his SMAC! buddy, Phoenix, can soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! it, by pledging your financial support here.

(Check-writer only? See bottom of this post for details).

Funds pledged to my SMAC! campaign on the Start Some Good crowdfunding platform are used to launch my startup – the SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer product line, which so far includes two SMAC! monkey prototypes:

NoMo, the ALL cancer fighting monkey

Phoenix, the “WTF? (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer?” fighting monkey

NoMo and Phoenix

SMAC! Monkeys Phoenix & NoMo

I have one month to raise approximately $35,000 to launch the SMAC! monkey product line (November 1-30). You get some sweet rewards for pledging. Check them out here.

My ultimate goal: Create a custom monkey for each type of cancer.

My ultimate dream: Anyone diagnosed with cancer gets a SMAC! monkey from their hospital.

The Big Why

This whole entrepreneurial endeavor isn’t just about some random monkeys and attaching cancer to their name. It’s about my Mom… and too many others like her.

The SMAC! monkey line was inspired by my Mom, Leslie Lehrman, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer six years ago. No, she never smoked. ANYONE can get lung cancer (‘nother whole story).

Mom snoozing with NoMo & Phoenix.

Cancer can be a very lonely existence. Family and friends can’t always be there. My Mom lives more than 1,200 miles away, making her appointments, tests, scan results and treatments that much harder for both of us.

This is why I created SMAC! — to give Mom a “buddy” she could hug to remind her that I am with her.

It’s hard for me to describe how my boys (NoMo and Phoenix) make me feel. I look into their little eyes and they just make my heart melt. It may sound silly, but when I get up, I say ‘good morning’ to them too. They just make me happy…even on my darkest days.
-Leslie Lehrman (Mom)

Mom has taken her SMAC! monkeys everywhere – to chemo, doctor appointments and to the couch for some much needed rest (and snuggle time). She says they are now part of the family.

SMAC! Nation

Mom and I want to build “SMAC! Nation,” a global movement in the fight against cancer that arms those with/impacted by this dang disease with cancer-crushing companions of the sock monkey kind.

With YOUR help, SMAC! Nation will be built with great philanthropic purpose, with giving at the heart of it all.

The SMAC! Mission

Tangible Support: Provide constant comfort, sock monkey “mojo” and a cancer-busting buddy to those moving through their cancer journey.

Giving: “One SMAC! = Two” Business Model:  When you buy a SMAC! monkey, one will be given to someone with cancer (model to go into action the minute the company can financially sustain it).

Create Social Change: By giving to those impacted by cancer, you will also be contributing to advances in cancer research and programs (model to go into action the minute the company can financially sustain it).

So, doing good to create good – all bundled together in one package.

Mom with NoMo & Phoenix at chemo.

Corporate Giving

Following the implementation of One SMAC = Two, my next giving goal is to direct steady SMAC! corporate funds to the following:

National Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators – Professional organization that supports oncology nurse navigators assist patients and families to receive essential support services that help ease the burdens during cancer treatment.

Liz’s Legacy at the UNMC Eppley Cancer Center – One of 66 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers in the U.S. Funds will be directed to lung cancer research.

I’m a huge advocate for ensuring people understand where their money is going when they give to any cause.

Jane and NoMo going for a spin.

Conscious Capitalism

Yes, there is such a thing as conscious capitalism and I’m a big believer. “SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” will operate under Jennifer Windrum Inc. as a socially conscious for profit company.

A good and successful example of combining a for profit with a social mission is TOMS Shoes. Like TOMS, SMAC! is more than just a product. It’s a movement that inspires people to want to help – to want to give – to want to be part of a larger mission to do good.

Please know I will be open, honest and forthcoming about where your SMAC! dollars go throughout the startup process and beyond.

Little SMAC!-ers spreading the word!

Join the Movement

For kids and adults alike, the SMAC! monkeys are ready to get down the business.

Join the movement! Help bring NoMo and Phoenix to life to help you and/or your loved ones SMAC! cancer.

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Hey, we want to see and hear YOUR SMAC! stories! Upload your pictures below.

  • Who do you SMAC! for? Who do you love who has cancer? Post their pic and tell us about them.
  • Did you just adopt a SMAC! monkey? Print off the adoption certificate and take a pic of you and your new monkey with it.
  • Did you just get your SMAC! monkey? Show us how excited you are…and what he means to you.

You can be as simple or creative as you want to be. We just want to be sure you are feelin’ the love from us! SMAC! on. Check out our latest pictures below, then use our form to upload yours!

The smiles infectious. The determination palpable. The comfort evident. The playfulness abundant. The wait over. SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer are making their way around the world, lovingly landing in the arms of  those with/impacted by cancer. These pictures, and the stories behind them, are beyond priceless.

SMAC! Monkeys at Work.

SMAC! Monkeys at Work.

Due to YOUR generosity and commitment to SMAC!-ing cancer, SMAC! is now a social enterprise in action– a startup focused on creating social change in the world of cancer by encouraging giving to those impacted by cancer, providing tangible sock monkey love & comfort and directing dollars to cancer research and programs.

The movement has begun and is growing every day. But, we’re just getting started. So, spread the word and join in by ordering your SMAC! monkey today. We ALL know someone either with cancer or someone whose world has been altered because of it. Give a SMAC! 

SMAC! Monkey Packaging Party

In July, we packaged more than 230 SMAC! monkeys in my garage. When I put out the initial call for help, the awesome girls at Jobs Daughters Bethel #1 of Papillion, Nebraska  jumped at the chance. They were incredible and I can’t thank them enough. My Mom, Leslie Lehrman, the inspiration behind the creation of SMAC!, was definitely there in spirit.

We did also land some nice local TV news coverage of our packaging party. Here’s are links to KETV’s Channel 7’s story and Action 3 News’ story if you’d like to check them out.

SMAC! Garage Packaging Party.

SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer have officially been “unleashed” and are ready to SMAC! cancer big time.

First of all, thank you for bringing us to life last November through a crowdfunding campaign. We cannot possibly tell you how grateful we are. Second, thank you for your patience. There were many unanticipated delays with the manufacturer that pushed production back, getting us into your hands several months later than we hoped. The good news: SMAC! monkeys NoMo and Phoenix are on their way.